Fuller House, with Commentary


I’ve never been one to claim that I was “cool” as a kid. I rocked the glasses and braces and even though I begged my parents to buy me the oversized flannel shirts and Doc Martens, I always felt like I was faking it. I always had a book (or two) with me at all times and our middle school principal informally proclaimed that my best friend and I were his favorite students.

Oh, yeah. Way cool.

Also, I watched Full House. And by watched, I mean “was obsessed with,” way past the point where it was considered normal to be obsessed with a sitcom about a ridiculously cheesy family who hugs at any opportunity. I thought DJ was the coolest. I wanted to be Stephanie. (Or at least be her best friend. I mean, seriously, Jodie Sweetin was the same age as me. It’d totally work.) I even read most of the licensed Stephanie books that were published around that time.

fullhousebok16      fullhousestephaniebook_thumb    9780671522742






So of course I was absolutely thrilled to hear that Netflix was releasing a updated version of the show, to be called Fuller House. I knew it’d be cheesy, but it was my childhood, after all. My middle school-hood, too. (Yeah, that’s totally a word.)

So I started watching it. I’m actually enjoying it, too, even though it’s so ridiculously cheesy. (Was it this cheesy when I was a kid? Maybe it was and I didn’t realize it, but those older episodes seem way more genuine. These newer ones seem forced in a way, like the cast is often breaking the fourth wall and trying to share a joke with us. Which they are. It just…doesn’t always work.)

Here’s a conversation between me and my husband:

Me: Ohmygoodness that was so corny.

B: So why are you watching it?

Me: Because it’s fun. And I’m taking it for what it is. I knew it’d be corny. So that’s what I’m expecting it to be.

My friend Justin expressed the same belief in his own blog post. Why do we need to mock things for not being “fine television”? I didn’t go into Fuller House expecting to watch Mad Men. I didn’t go in expecting some Emmy-winning documentary or The Good Wife.

I expected to reconnect with my favorite old characters, get flashbacks to my childhood, laugh, and enjoy myself.


And I have. Yeah, I could be watching “better” things. But what is “better,” after all? Can’t I have a mix of things in my life–the Lost and the Orange is the New Black, the Fuller House and the…whatever else is inevitably remade?

It’s like I say about books: there is no such thing as a “guilty pleasure” book. ALL books can give you pleasure and there’s nothing to feel guilty about. You’re not wrong to read a romance novel and you’re not wrong to read James Joyce. You’re reading and enjoying yourself.

Enjoy away.

That said, I have a few quibbles with the new season. Inconsistencies, utterly lame plotlines, and other amusing observations. I’m only five episodes in, but SPOILERS BELOW!!!!





Episode One:

Breaking the fourth wall to stare at “Michelle” for like ten seconds. Honestly, the show works better without her. And it’s the actresses’ prerogative to choose their career path. This came off as rather mean-spirited and petty to me.

Seriously? Joey Gladstone somehow has a thriving comedy career in Las Vegas?

Tommy looks only around 10 months old. So did DJ’s husband die before she gave birth? This is both incredibly sad and something you’d think they’d mention.

So DJ doesn’t have a daycare or childcare situation set up at all? What happened before everyone moved in? Her Dad was obviously still working.

Episode Two:

Max is utterly adorable.

Episode Three:

The girls come back from their nightclub outing to find the kids still up and Joey running around outside. What time did they leave for this club–7:00? And they came home when? 10pm? Also, that was the most uncrowded nightclub ever.

Macy Gray? Wow, I thought that celebrity cameo was dated in the  Spider-Man movie.

Man, Jodie Sweetin has a gorgeous voice.

DJ’s in a bowling league? Really? She has time for that?

Episode Four:

It was quite cool to see that school hallway again. Made me flash back to the Stephanie and Gia days.

That looks like the most unpractical outfit ever for DJ to wear to a day at a veterinary office.

DJ doesn’t particularly seem devoted to her job. Her interest in animals is barely mentioned and she leaves the clinic at a moment’s notice when Jackson gets in trouble. Couldn’t Kimmie have picked him up, too?

Oh, Stephanie. Because lying to a man is the best way to start a relationship.

Stephanie in the tomato soup with the baby was rather creepy. Also, isn’t it tomato juice for skunks?

I gotta say, the moment where Kimmie talks about how she’s afraid she hurt her daughter was perhaps the best moment of acting I’ve seen on this show yet.

Episode Five:

Why did Stephanie take the magic scarf back from Max in the first place? That makes no sense.

So all of a sudden Stephanie is the one to fill in for this DJ guy? She’s that famous? And really??? Coachella crowds will rally that fast to cheer for Max?

Does Tommy ever cry?

Ah, their last name is Fuller!

Stephanie turns down a trip to Italy because she misses the kids and is afraid she won’t see them grow up, date, say first words, etc. Um….you weren’t going to Italy for that long, honey.

Stephanie’s emotional revelation reallllly came out of the blue. It was done pretty well on How I Met Your Mother. Not so much here.

What’s your opinion on Fuller House so far? What amusing things have you noticed?

And will I keep watching?







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  1. GREAT post and thanks for the love!


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